Oh Hello Letterbox Sticker

Get the most fabulous letterbox

Many of us are proud of our front doors, from front door wreaths, to using Frenchic paint to totally transform it’s look and even buying some new fixings. But we have one thing missing. A letterbox sticker.

Gone are the days of ugly “No Junk Mail” letterbox stickers.

A before shot of Sue’s door

Frenchic Wise Old Sage with our Welcome Letterbox Sticker

After it’s makeover.

Sue used Frenchic’s Al Fresco Wise Old Sage to transform her door from standard white to this beautiful green and then went one step further and added a letterbox sticker for that final finishing touch.

Buy yours here

Sue’s not alone

When it comes to making your front door beautiful, Sue Hogan of Tie The Knot Events is not alone. Many people have been doing similar, including the Instagram Star Stacey Soloman (source)  and over 200 of our customers too!

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