Arabella Vinyl Designs started life, you could say in 2009 when our first cutting equipment was purchased, or in August 2018 when we launched our Etsy shop selling finished vinyl stickers & labels directly to “DIY” brides.

It started with Wedding Greenhouse Vinyl

I’ll admit when a customer approached me in 2018 and asked for a vinyl for a wedding greenhouse, I was a little confused, but after asking them to sketch a design and send over some dimensions it soon became clear as to what they were used for, and the reason why.

Wedding card boxes were not cheap and people were “hacking” the IKEA Socker Greenhouse to create a stunning wedding card box, and from that moment Arabella VinylDesigns launched on Etsy.

Wedding greenhouse vinyl sticker
The rise of etsy thanks to “DIY brides & grooms” 

Etsy rapildly grew from just brides to all occassions and vinyl needs over 3 years, quickly mounting sales. it became a full time job, and that’s when it was decided, we were to go full time self employed, leaving our “day jobs” ahhh!

going solo, 

Following the sucess of Etsy, but the high operating costs on low priced items, we decided that we either needed to increase prices to survive full time, or as we have done here, launch a website, sell at a lower price direct to customers, but keeping the outstanding customer service and product quality that made us a sucess.

You’ll now find our wide range of vinyl decals & labels that were on etsy, but now at a lower price, but allowing us to make a living. And of course lots of HAPPY DANCES!.